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Hypetrak: GZA - The Genius Among Geniuses

The Wu-Tang Clan’s fountain of wisdom GZA is known for his thought-provoking rhymes that earned him the alias “The Genius.” More than just a fitting name since his humility and intellect earned him an invitation to two of the world’s finest academic institutions (MIT and Harvard University) to meet with some of the greatest minds in the science field, where he also delivered his first ever lecture in which he spoke about his early beginnings in music, life and beyond.

Read some excerpts below and find the entire conversation exclusively over at Hypetrak.

You were invited to Harvard and MIT to give a guest lecture and also partake in several activities involving quantum physics, biology and then some. Can you share with us how this all came about?
It was at the request of the Harvard’s Black Men’s forum in which they invited me to speak. Lecturing was something I’ve always wanted to branch into, and where better to start than the most famous university in the world (Harvard). My lecture included discussions about my clan, my craft, my creative process, and my inspirations.

You’ve been nicknamed “The Genius” for your wisdom within the Wu-Tang Clan and your intellect is also present in your song lyrics. That said, lecturing seems to be a natural platform for you. Is this something you’ll be doing more extensively?
I think it would be amazing to become a full-time educator. But I don’t have any delusions about what that would involve in terms of time, dedication and effort. I’m not there yet, however I do hope to lecture extensively around the world one day. As for subject matter, I have so many interests and topics to share with the people that I couldn’t narrow it down to just one.

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