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black on black is not a phenomenon.  It is about as frequent as white on white crime and both are commonplace for the same reason (whites tend to know whites, blacks tend to know blacks).  But in order to create the image of disorder and chaos in the black community, they used this phrase.

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Originally posted by Inactive User
Lol this nigga molested his cousin and she came out today and told the cops all this stuff he did to her. Nigga is def going to jail now brah lmaoo


Posted the link for you guys, just copy and pasté it if you wanna read about it.
they really want to get zimmerman for something women can lie about shit and get away with it happens all the time
Poor guy, I hope his life gets back together, proves how much our justice system is a joke
July 20, 2013 @ 23:03:49 PM
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If you really rowdy about this "Avenge Trayvon" shit, here are 3 suggestions:

1. Shut the fuck up
2. Shut the fuck up and become a criminal lawyer to help prevent non-violent black men from receiving prison sentences for tryna make money
3. Hit me up, I'm tryna cop me a Samsung flatscreen

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serious sidenote: I heard Zimmerman was a community volunteer? apparently he supported Obama at one point too? why didn't MSNBC confirm this?

and thank you Lupe for trying to direct attention to the real problem: black-on-black crime. fuck the NAACP

"Rap in 2012 is basically just a mad dash for people of EVERY human subset to be represented by a rapper." - damnwitless1

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Fuck ZIMMERMAN & all you bitchs who support him
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lmao at jay z and beyonce protesting for this trayvon martin thing,, all i know is if that same trayvon kid walked up to jayz or beyonce on the street casual with the same black hoodie on jay and b would prbly stick there bodyguards on him
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^yup. that is why jayz fans are fags too.
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Bump cuss this nigga a lucky ass motherfucker again cuss of a stupid ass hoe.


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lmao nigga kills another nigga and is till declared not guilty

lmao@ florida criminal law

rick ross where u at
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